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WotD: Parthenogenesis

Today’s Word of the Day is: Parthenogenesis!

“What the…?”

Yes, a new section and hopefully some newer updates. Word of the Day will be another section for some inspiration!

“Tsk, just filler for someone with no creativity.”

Whatever, get on with the program.

Tsk, Parthenogenesis: the development of an egg without fertilization!”

Yes, from an article I read here: Hammerhead Shark Gave “Virgin Birth” in Omaha Zoo

Actually kind of strange, considering the definition of the word and then reading something like this in the article:

The finding marks the first confirmed case of a female shark fertilizing her own eggs and giving birth without sperm from a male, a process known as parthenogenesis.

So is it fertilized or not? If it is, doesn’t that mean it doesn’t fit the definition? And if so, is the dictionary wrong or is it just used in the wrong way in the article? Enquiring minds would like to know!?

“Ah well, guess I don’t really care for semantics.”

You should, considering this category has something to do with vocabulary and all? Maybe I’ll e-mail them as a good citizen and ask them for clarification/correction.

“Your blog, not mine. And a good citizen?”

Anyway, imagine if humans were able to do something like that. Would that be an upgrade or a downgrade in terms of revolution? Technically, it makes humans less dependent on 2 different types of humans, so I’d say that’s a good thing. Course, it may also bring all kinds of shortcomings biologically, not to mention culturally when men aren’t necessary anymore for the birth and upbringing of new generations.

“Still, the concept sounds like fun.”

It’d be interesting to find out what an all women society could do, literally. Maybe even change “mankind” to “womankind”.

“That is already a real word, you doofus!”

Yes, but not with the same meaning. Ah well.

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