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Introduction: Electronic Peer Review

Whew, I just ran into Bibliography and Summary: Electronic Peer Review Management by Kam Shapiro and I got a bit shaky in my boots on the comprehensiveness of it all regarding electronic peer review.

“Sucks finding out you ain’t that original after all, eh?”

It does indeed, but I was somewhat expecting research, or at least information on the topic of a global/electronic peer review system anyhow. As I guy in IT (you know, me!) and the importance of a peer review process, I would be silly not to. Yet, I am happy to say that even that site has nothing on my key concepts, so it is all good.

“Sure sure, aren’t you just applying damage control now?”

Thankfully not. Still, in my opinion, it is one hell of a quality introduction on the subject of electronic peer review. So those familiar with what peer review is and what good it is for, may want to check it out and see for themselves. I might soon post my own first chapter on the ins and outs of peer review. Which is part of the basic research that will be the foundation of the system I am proposing.

“There’s Wikipedia for a reason, you know!?”

Yeh, Wikipedia is nice, but I still managed to cover some important information that is not found on the Wikipage. But that’s another good place to start for basics, I guess 🙂

Speaking of which, The economics of scholarly journal publishing by Carl T. Bergstrom and Theodore C. Bergstrom is another looker for interesting information on the topic. As I mentioned before: I’ll probably aim the proposed system at the Open Access/ Open Peer Review “movements”, as that is probably the most practical (optimized if you will) place for the system to be implemented. As such, the paper ‘Will open access be able to compete?’ seems to be a very productive read for me, not to mention the other economical perspectives.

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