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Antarctica is melting!

I am not quite up to date on the consensus on global warming, but when I see stuff that goes like this: Hundreds of Glaciers Melting Faster in Antarctica

Hundreds of glaciers in Antarctica are melting faster as the region’s climate warms, a new satellite study has revealed.

As the rivers of ice flow into the ocean, they could cause global sea levels to rise higher and faster than scientists had previously predicted.

Satellite images of more than 300 glaciers on the Antarctic Peninsula showed that they were flowing some 12 percent faster in 2003 than they were in 1993 (see an interactive map of Antarctica).

“Hey that does sound kind of problematic. Being electronic and all, I don’t like to get wet very much.”

I am left wondering whether Global Warming is still considered a myth these days? Either way, this does not look good. Which country peaks highest above sea level? This is a good time to know!

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