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WotD: Infinity

Today’s Word of the Day is: Infinity!

Infinity: the quality or state of being infinite.

“Well duuh! Let’s be more specific, OK?”

Infinite: immeasurably great

Alright, so infinity is something that’s so big that it’s immeasurable.

“So what?”

Oke, so something that is infinite, by definition, cannot be measured. Otherwise it’s not infinite. However, something that cannot be measured, doesn’t have to equal infinity, it can just be something that we can’t measure for some unknown reason. More than often because we lack the theory and the tools to do so.

“So what?”

Sooo, how does anyone ever (no pun intended) know something is infinite? If it cannot be measured, then you simply don’t know if it’s infinite or not. If you knew then that would mean that you could somehow measure it, which isn’t possible.

“So what? Ugh my digital head hurts.”

On the other hand, I suppose you could theoretically think of something that is infinite without actually knowing what it is, like something to do with numbers. Technically, you could have an infinite amount of numbers between 1 and 2, as 1,1 to 1,9, to even 1,1111111111 and likewise that in 1,9999999999 something and to an infinity of digits. So given something that’s infinite, it’s possible to theorize or “know” that it is infinite, but just impossible to place it in any kind of measurement. Confusing.

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