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About Blank DVD Media

Whether you got the right type of DVD apparently depends on, among other things: your burner, your software and the usage of that DVD (dvd player, or playing it on a console or something). But it sure doesn’t hurt to buy the best quality in the meantime, to make sure you get something of high quality as it is.

Here’s a cool site to get you informed on the quality dvd media out there:

Blank media quality guide & FAQ

Not all media is good. In fact, with the high influx of cheap media from Taiwan, China and Hong Kong, I’d venture to say most media is bad. This review guide is meant to shed some light on who manufactures and brands good and not so good quality DVD media.

Use this list as an assistant when selecting what media to buy and use. It shows what generally works as the best media. Individual results may very, depending on the burner and how the media chooses to cooperate, though typically not by much. Read the advanced topics guide after becoming familiar with the basics presented on this page.

While some cheap media may work for you, it’s a gamble that often loses. Try to use 1ST and 2ND class media, and to avoid 3RD and 4TH class media, if at all possible.

As for a second opinion: How To Choose CD/DVD Archival Media by Patrick McFarland

On a different note. It appears that burning your media at a slower speed also reduces the likelihood of errors. Which can’t hurt. Kind of makes sense I guess. So if you have the time, burn it at a slower speed! There’s a good chance you’ll get more and longer enjoyment out of it!

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