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A Real Genius: William James Sidis

July 29, 2007 1 comment

I finally managed to spell miscellaneous in one try! I feel so smart!

“Eh OK!”

Anyway, speaking of geniuses, check out this guy:

Mr. William James Sidis

I’ve actually read about this guy some time ago.

“Googling geniuses while you were fantasizing about being one, no doubt.”

Eh, well, anyway, this guy is really something else! A bit of a tragic story actually, as he was sort of born in a world where they weren’t very high on geniuses. A real shame really: this guy could have been so much more given his insane high intelligence and proficiency of, well, everything! A small gripe of his achievements:

  1. Given IQ is a purely anthropocentric means of assessing intelligence, Sidis’ IQ is crudely estimated at 250-300.
  2. Mastered higher mathematics and planetary revolutions by age 11.
  3. Learned to spell efficiently by one year old.
  4. Started reading The New York Times at 18 months.
  5. Read Caesar’s Gallic Wars, in Latin (self-taught), as a birthday present to his Father in Billy’s fourth year.
  6. Learned Greek alphabet and read Homer in Greek in his fourth year.
  7. Learned Aristotelian logic in his sixth year.
  8. At six, Billy learned Russian, French, German, and Hebrew, and soon after, Turkish and Armenian.
  9. Learned Gray’s Anatomy at six. Could pass a student medical examination.
  10. Total recall of everything he read.
  11. Wrote four books between ages of four and eight. Two on anatomy and astronomy, lost.
  12. Passed Harvard Medical School anatomy exam at age seven.
  13. Passed MIT entrance exam at age eight.
  14. Attempted to enroll in Harvard at nine.
  15. In 1909, became youngest student to ever enroll at Harvard at age 11.
  16. Billy graduated from Harvard, cum laude, on June 24, 1914, at age 16.
  17. Billy entered Harvard Law School in 1916.
  18. Billy could learn a whole language in one day!
  19. Billy knew all the languages (approximately 200) of the world, and could translate among them instantly!

(source: The Prodigy Review which got it from Amy Wallace’s book “The Prodigy”)

Reading about geniuses sure is mind boggling, but it truly is an interesting read about what potential humans have, and the affect they have on the masses.“Ah, I know how that feels, being one of those geniuses.”

Right, anyway that’s what I wanted to share today. Still working hard on my master thesis, but a bit difficult to elaborate on that. Will update that section soon, I hope!

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Whitney Houston – My Love Is Your Love

July 4, 2007 Leave a comment

Whitney Houston needs no introduction.

Don’t want to get sappy with ya, but this is a very nice song.

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