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THES – QS World University Rankings 2005 & 2006

Okay, I ran into this site and I got a bit interested in their University Rankings. So I put the top 200 lists into Excel, and imported it into SPSS and then back into Excel with some formatting to create this.


Don’t ask…

THES - QS World University Rankings Top 200 (2005 & 2006) Format 1

The first format (above) is sorted on Change, where it’s convenient to see which country has had the biggest growth. The second format (below) is sorted on percentage of 2006, to see how the top dogs are doing, so to speak.

THES - QS World University Rankings Top 200 (2005 & 2006) Format 2

Interesting statistics, heehee. Course, it would be even more interesting if I pulled the stats for population count for each of those countries. I guess I could get them from the CIA’s World Factbook.

“Why don’t you?”

Well, you know, I’m busy with my thesis and stuff. Serious person doing serious stuff and all that.

“But not busy enough to draw these sheets in the first place?”

Actually, these rankings are somehow related to peer reviews, as peer reviews are also used to determine university rankings, such as this one. How useful indeed! Anyhow, it seems we all have to work hard! But I’m glad the Netherlands is up there, not doing too bad if I say so myself!

For source data, go to the THES – QS World University Rankings site. And yes, there are actually 201 countries and not 200 countries listed per rankings. I believe this has to do with the fact that more countries can share a single spot/rank. I guess that makes sense, in an awkward way.

“No it doesn’t, since they skip every time universities share the same spot.”

Ah, well then it has to do with this I guess.

*Due to misinterpretation of supplied data, the published position at 165= of the Université Libre de Bruxelles was incorrect and the accurate position of 120 is reflected in this table. The originally published positions of any between 120 and 164 have been retained.

I still don’t quite get it, but I guess I don’t really care, as this error is seemingly consistent in both rankings. Relatively, it shouldn’t affect things.

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