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Evaluating Peer Reviews: How To Identify Good Peer Reviews?

October 20, 2008 Leave a comment

Blog Abstract
While scholars generally accept the added value of the (journal) peer review, the actual value of a peer review is difficult to measure. However, given the importance of the (journal) peer review process, it is important for scholars to understand what a good peer review is, so they can work towards peer reviewing more qualitatively. Indeed, when scholars can identify the important qualities of a peer review, it will undoubtedly help them with improving their peer review proficiencies more efficiently. That will result in an improvement of the overall quality of scientific literature and scholarly communication, since it is the most significant process for qualifying manuscripts for publication, which (traditionally) drastically improves its visibility and readability.

To get a better understanding of the characteristics of a “good” peer review, this blog post covers “best practices” of peer review and quality assessment instruments that are specifically designed to measure the quality of a peer review. In addition, in light of determining the practical usage of these best practices and quality assessment instruments, the roles of the authors, peer reviewers and journal editors as suitable users of such quality assessment instruments are examined.
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