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WordPress Post Pagination

Thanks to a couple of helpful sites [1, 2]: I have learnt that it is apparently possible to paginate a single blog post. Extremely useful for long blog posts. Of course, the actual tag “Next-Page Quicktag” is not actually found on my “Write Post” interface, so I have to insert the code for “Next Page” manually to get it done. This is not a big deal, but I do wonder why they have not just included it in the interface.

Something I just felt sharing, in case others wanted to know. I have been going through some of my older posts to get some pagination done. Just to make navigation easier. I hope it does not backfire and actually make me lose the few viewers that I had because they rather not click on the “Read the rest of this entry »” links or the links to the respective paginated pages of a single blog. I guess that is why some bloggers just put up with huge posts on the “front page”: easier to scroll than to click?

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