Key Posts

Here are some of the key blog posts of this blog, which will give the readers a better idea of the focus and content of (the rest of) this blog.

“Or just something that you’re particularly interested in at the moment…”

Right. So anyway, here is a list of my blog posts.

(Now for some random babbling)

This page will be dedicated to the more general but important blog posts on this blog. They will likely be referenced multiple times internally. In addition, they will likely be updated over time to make sure the information remains adequately comprehensive and useful.

This approach is actually very unlike the traditional “blogging” style, in which every new tidbit gets a new blog post, which helps with keeping the blog adequately “active”, or at least the perception of that. However, I think, for the sake of readability, it is important to have a couple of blog posts become comprehensive pillars of information as well, rather than a bunch of following posts on the same topic spread out all over the blog. So there we go!

“But how can people tell you have updated it?”

Hmm, right, there is definitely that problem. Well, I suppose it is possible to add the “last modified” kind of thing to every new update. But I guess it does become problematic when it is unclear when there is a new update. On the other hand, since I will continue to write about such topics in the future, new blogs posts of less comprehensive nature are likely to reference to these bigger blog posts. Maybe an even better method is sticking with the traditional fast blogging style and simply have “series” of blog posts. Alright, I guess I will try that instead.

“Welcome To The Dark Side.”

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