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Not Just Another Untimely Update

January 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Whoa, and suddenly it’s 2011! So the reason why I haven’t updated the blog in awhile is because I’ve been busy with a couple of things.

“Procrastination being one of them.”

The important one being that I got a new job.

“But not denying the procrastination, I see?”

And if you don’t include the things I’ve done for internships, holiday jobs and nonprofit organizations (as a volunteer), then (jr.) Business Intelligence Developer is my first job. Which is kind of cool. Now, I’ve been ranting about Business Informatics in the past, and now I actually have a good excuse to be blogging about that. Technically, Business Informatics != Business Intelligence, but Business Intelligence definitely does fall under Business Informatics (like many other things).

Which means that Scholarly Communication 2.0 is officially demoted to the status of Pet Project.


Having said that, I will definitely finish my “A Proposal To Improve Peer Review: A Unified Peer-to-Peer Review Platform” blog series before blogging about Business Intelligence. I don’t like leaving things unfinished. More importantly: I like it too much to drop it. It’s not without its kinks and I can’t empirically show that it’s a better way of improving peer review/scholarly communication. Still, based on the research I’ve done and the ideas I’ve put in to tackle the most common obstacles, I believe it’s the right way of going about it. So I’m not going to stop with it anytime soon. I might not be blogging about it as much as I should (after I finish the blog series) until I can find new insights into its feasibility or someone adventurous enough to build it.

So after I wrap that up I’ll be mainly blogging about Business Intelligence. A good topic to start with is what classifies as a great Business Intelligence professional and what I need to do to become one. The actual journey of getting there is probably going to offer a lot of good blogging material, too.

Any update is better than no update, I guess.”

The primary area of expertise that I’ll be developing in (as a professional) is DWH/ETL. It’s more the technical side of Business Intelligence, using SQL Server/SSIS. But there will also be Business Intelligence Reporting, using Cognos Report Studio (MDX). I will be receiving training in these areas soon from veteran Business Intelligence professionals. And, depending on how I grow with that and the actual work, I might buy a few good books on DWH/ETL to further increase my knowledge and develop additional skills.

And that’s pretty much all I have to say in this update. Oh, speaking of volunteering for nonprofit organizations: I recently became the webmaster of a local Amnesty International group. Currently I don’t have a lot to do, but it’s fun to work on and update a website and think about ways to get people’s attention.

“Because you’ve been so great with that, haven’t ya? Tsk tsk…”

Well, more on that in another blog post. Later.