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Later 2011…

February 14, 2012 Leave a comment

“More like Too Late For 2011.”
Wow, I really do have procrastination down to an art, don’t I?
“You sure have.”
I seriously can’t believe it’s been more than a year since I’ve published my last blog post. Oh well, recapping 2011 it is!
“Recapping 2011? You’ve made one freaking post!”
Quality over quantity!
A few Highs:

  1. Still not succumbed to using Twitter (although definitely interested).
  2. Still not succumbed to joining Facebook.
  3. Still not into alcohol (which I recently reconfirmed the hard nasty way).
    “You are still boring. We get it.”

  5. Still very much enjoying my job as a Business Intelligence developer!
    Most of my early work consisted of me building Cognos reports, but now I’m primarily on the ETL side of the BI profession. As fun as building Cognos reports is, I find working with SSIS and DWH/T-SQL to be more my kind of thing.

  7. I’m an uncle now! My nephew is the cutest little fella!
    He’s 7 months old, frowns a lot and is easily bored. Except when it comes to scratching things: he rarely gets bored of that. So apart from letting him scratch us, which we try not to, we’re running out of ways to entertain him! The world has gained yet another troublemaker, I have little doubt about that.

A few Lows:

  1. Still haven’t finished my Peer Review blog series.
  2. I bicycled to work for awhile, but it’s gotten too cold for that now. Lost my only form of exercise right there.
  3. Still enjoy talking to myself.
    “Haha, that is pretty path…wait a minute…”

Objectives for 2012:

  1. Improve myself as a Business Intelligence developer.
  2. Finish my Peer Review blog series!
  3. Get my own site (or at least my own domain name)…
  4. Learn how to read Japanese.
  5. Work out regularly. Preferably jump roping again.

Next post will be the 4th in my Peer Review blog series! I think I’ll keep the procrastination down this time around.

“Uh huh.”